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Voice of America, October 1, 2018 - What to know about FBI probe of Brett Kavanaugh,

"Washington Watch", DC radio interview, October 1, 2018 - FBI "SPIN" & Kavanaugh investigation,

School Security: Harden Soft Targets

Consider: School Security Site Assessments

School Security: Entry Point Access Control, Site Assessment & Actionable Recommendations

Event Security: "Special Meetings" require a distinct security plan

Event Security: Are your security personnel trained to identify unique weapons?

Event Security: Bag Check Screening Process

Event Security: Easily concealable devices may pass thru bag check screening unchallenged

Event Security: Guide to easily concealable weapons

Event Security: Indicators of possible pre operational surveillance and situational awareness

Event Security: Emergency Planning

Proactive security preparation may decrease the possibility of another mass shooting catastrophe.

"Special Event Security: Protecting Soft Targets Against Terrorism"
(American Security Today magazine)

"Security After the Las Vegas Incident"
(Security magazine)

"Special Event Security Planning"
(FBI Retired Signature Directories)

"Security Experts Predict Changes in the Wake of Las Vegas Massacre"
(NBC News)

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