PETER D. YACHMETZ a 29-year veteran, retired FBI Agent with private and corporate sector security experience. Classified as a subject matter expert (SME) in Physical Security & Access Control [AC]. Pete has detailed FBI expertise with Field Intelligence [FI], Terrorism [T], Crisis Management [CM], Physical Security [PS] and Special Event Security [SES]. Certified as a training instructor by the FBI and the NJ State Police Training Commission.

Post FBI experience with Corporate Security [CS], Corporate Security Programs [CSP] and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM]. Directed corporate security planning and operations, conducted security and risk assessments [identifying exposures & vulnerabilities] and implemented proactive security protection measures [correcting site security vulnerabilities & access control deficiencies] to protect the corporate brand. As a plainclothes operative with the security complement of Walt Disney Company [WDC], routinely participated in all aspects of major special security events. Conducted internal corporate investigations, applied established Theme Park & Resort security measures, protected the company reputation and brand while ensuring guests, cast members & company assets were safe and secure. Trained and experienced as Behavioral Assessment Specialist.

Pete combines extensive credentials, security expertise, specialized training, with far-reaching contacts and outstanding resources to provide private citizens and businesses worldwide with realistic security recommendations and effective solutions.

YACHMETZ CONSULTING GROUP LLC providing security & risk mitigation services. In addition to the above stated expertise, our practice is focused upon customized Due Diligence, Business & Individual Background Screenings [DDS], Physical Security, Access Control [AC], School Safety-Security Consulting, Special Event Security Planning & Operations [SES], Risk Assessments [RA] and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures [TSCM] for private clients and businesses worldwide.

Training, public speaking and panel discussions. Available for presentations in areas of expertise: terrorism, intelligence, crisis management, special event security, active shooter, due diligence, physical security, access control -&- law enforcement matters

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